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Our New Paper on the Psychology of Animal Exploitation

Why is there such a disparity between the improving situation for homeless dogs and cats and the deteriorating situation for other animals in every other arena of animal protection?

A new paper, co-authored by myself and Michael Mountain, and entitled “Denial of Death and the Relationship between Humans and Other Animals”, explores the psychology of how and why we humans are driven to separate ourselves from most of our fellow animals and treat them as resources rather than kin.

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Kimmela News

Recognizing Intelligence – Wherever It May Be

Kimmela Center Director Lori Marino participated in a recent colloquium of scientists to discuss nonhuman communication research and the evolution of intelligence.

She explained how there is evolutionary continuity in intelligence across all animals on earth and how there is no evidence for human superiority in the animal kingdom.

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Kimmela Center in Action

The Someone Project: Kimmela and Farm Sanctuary are working together to compile, review and publish the scientific evidence for cognitive and emotional complexity in farm animals.

Campaigns against Dolphin and Whale Captivity: Dr. Marino provides ongoing expert research and testimony.

“I Am Not an Animal”: Kimmela adds the dimension of human psychology to its work on human-nonhuman animal relationships.

The Nonhuman Rights Project: The Kimmela Center provided the scientific expertise, data and guidance for court cases on behalf of four captive chimpanzees in New York State.

The Los Angeles Zoo Elephant Case: Dr. Marino has testified as an expert witness.

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