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    Human/Nonhuman Chimeras: Saving Our Bodies, Losing Our Souls

    A new paper details the creation of a human/pig chimera.

    The goal of the research program is to generate pigs and cows who would become, essentially, living containers for human organs.

    The possibilities have many researchers giddy with excitement. But they also raise serious ethical dilemmas regarding the moral status of these part-human animals.

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  • Kimmela News

    “Enormously Complex” Orca Brains Lead to Great Stress in Captivity

    In an interview for National Geographic, Whale Sanctuary Project President Lori Marino explains why orcas experience greater stress in marine parks and aquariums than any other species.

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  • Kimmela Center in Action

    Kimmela Center in Action

    The Someone Project: Kimmela and Farm Sanctuary are working together to compile, review and publish the scientific evidence for cognitive and emotional complexity in farm animals.

    Campaigns against Dolphin and Whale Captivity: Dr. Marino provides ongoing expert research and testimony.

    “I Am Not an Animal”: Kimmela adds the dimension of human psychology to its work on human-nonhuman animal relationships.

    The Nonhuman Rights Project: The Kimmela Center provided the scientific expertise, data and guidance for court cases on behalf of four captive chimpanzees in New York State.

    The Los Angeles Zoo Elephant Case: Dr. Marino has testified as an expert witness.

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