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Climate Change: The Cow in the Room

We are in the midst of a public awakening, of a sort, about climate change. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets this past Sunday, and TV hosts interviewed celebrity guests as the United Nations prepared to hold its annual summit on the topic.

But few people have been talking about the elephant in the room – or, more appropriately, the cow.

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Kimmela News

Next Steps for Orca Welfare & Safety Act

Passage of the bill would require the phasing out of captive breeding of orcas and of their continued use for entertainment purposes.

By the time it goes before the committee again next year, we are confident that we can make a very strong case that will gather the support of large numbers of California voters.

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Kimmela Center in Action

The Someone Project: Kimmela and Farm Sanctuary are working together to compile, review and publish the scientific evidence for cognitive and emotional complexity in farm animals.

Campaigns against Dolphin and Whale Captivity: Dr. Marino provides ongoing expert research and testimony.

“I Am Not an Animal”: Kimmela adds the dimension of human psychology to its work on human-nonhuman animal relationships.

The Nonhuman Rights Project: The Kimmela Center provided the scientific expertise, data and guidance for court cases on behalf of four captive chimpanzees in New York State.

The Los Angeles Zoo Elephant Case: Dr. Marino has testified as an expert witness.

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