Our Mission, Vision and Goals

Our Mission

To apply knowledge, research, science and education to the work of bringing an end to the exploitation and abuse of nonhuman animals.

Our Vision

A world where all animals can thrive free from human exploitation and abuse.

Our Work

  • We translate science and scholarship-based advocacy issues into on-the-ground advocacy efforts
  • We bring animal advocacy into mainstream academic and cultural circles
  • We promote scholarship-based animal advocacy as a professional path for students
  • We partner with organizations working toward similar goals for other animals

What makes Kimmela unique?

There are many organizations dedicated to animal advocacy but none that have as their charter the melding of academic scholarship and animal advocacy to bring about fundamental change in our relationship with nonhuman animals.

We are not:

  • Animal Welfare – Our work centers on eliminating exploitation and abuse of other animals and transforming human-nonhuman relationships rather than on enhancing well-being within existing systems of use.
  • Human-Animal Studies – Kimmela moves beyond the strictly academic study of human-animal relationships. We are committed to real-world animal advocacy applications of academic work.
  • Protest – Kimmela embraces a scholarly form of animal advocacy that includes the mainstream as an integral part of our work.