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Service and Support Dogs: Welfarism versus Rights

Do we have a right to keep dogs and other animals in service for physical and emotional support? It’s a question that came to the fore in my mind at a conference at the Institute for Human-Animal Connection at University of Denver.

My attention was particularly taken by the number of service dogs who were present.

I left the conference wondering whether many of the psychological tasks the dogs were charged with were either unnecessary at best, or actively hindering the emotional development of both dog and handler at worst.

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2017: What We Did

Here are some of the highlights you made possible this year through your tax-deductible donations.

Our latest papers explore the cognitive, emotional and social capacities of chickens and cows.

At conferences and colleges from Barcelona to British Columbia, we have been bringing the message of the plight of captive dolphins and whales to wide-ranging audiences.

We are doing an expanded version of the scholar-advocacy program for students and young professionals at Superpod 6 in 2018.

We are working with the Canadian Senate to ban the display of dolphins and whales in captivity.

And at a ground-breaking symposium we explored the psychology behind our fraught relationship with our fellow animals.

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