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Animal Rights and Wrongs

Two events are happening this month that capture, in one case, what is right about animal advocacy today and, in the other, what is wrong.

For the first time ever, today, December 2nd, an animal rights organization, the Nonhuman Rights Project, has gone to court on behalf of a nonhuman animal, asking a judge to recognize him as a “legal person” who has the fundamental right to bodily liberty.

Later this month, the 2013 Biennial Marine Mammal Conference in New Zealand and the Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) … Continue reading Animal Rights and Wrongs

Kimmela Delivers the Science to the Nonhuman Rights Project

The Kimmela Center has joined with the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) to work toward the common goal of gaining basic rights for animals. The Nonhuman Rights Project, led by prominent animal rights attorney Steven Wise, is working to change the common law status of large-brained, socially complex nonhuman animals from legal “things” or “property” to “persons”, for whom fundamental rights like the right to bodily liberty and bodily integrity are not yet recognized.

Nonhuman animals need to be recognized as having certain fundamental rights, … Continue reading Kimmela Delivers the Science to the Nonhuman Rights Project