Kimmela offers a unique solution. We are working to become the go-to source of scientific and academic expertise on nonhuman animals, bringing objectivity and credibility to the pressing issues we’ve identified through four active domains:



A dynamic community of scholars and creative thinkers from multiple disciplines will generate novel approaches to complex issues. Kimmela is building an online network of academics, students and others, providing a forum to exchange ideas and create solutions to specific problems facing other animals.


Research and Application

Kimmela translates theoretical discourse and academic debate into action. By directly applying empirical, analytical, and theoretical peer-reviewed work to on-the-ground animal advocacy efforts, Kimmela places animal advocacy efforts in the mainstream, where credible, rigorous and convincing data are urgently needed.



Kimmela works with other like-minded organizations, including the Nonhuman Rights Project, Farm Sanctuary, the Animal Welfare Institute, and others.




Kimmela is particularly committed to fostering leadership in scholarship-based animal advocacy among students and young professionals. We aim to establish professional pathways for students who wish to combine a rigorous mainstream academic education with animal advocacy goals, and thus to create a generation of empowered young scholar-advocates for the 21st century.